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Teperberg Impression Late Harvest Riesling

Teperberg Impression Late Harvest Riesling
Product Number: [KW05686]

The Teperberg Impression Riesling, like many wines, has fruit at its heart; but itís not the usual candidates of strawberry, raspberry or cherry. No, this alluring white wine is notable for its flavour template of peach and pear. Thereís also enchanting aromas of wood and vanilla.

Producer: Teperberg
Bottles in case: 12
Mevushal: Yes
Alc/Vol: 10.8%
Size: 750ml
Country: Israel
Region: Shfelat Yehuda
Type: Sweet
Colour: White
Varietal: White Riesling
Supervision: Eida Hachareidis
Kosher For Passover: Yes

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