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Teperberg Brut

Product Number: [KW02960]

Bottles/Case: 12
Size: 750ml
Dryness: Dry
Color: White
Varietal: Blend
Supervision:Eida Hachereidis
Kosher for Passover: Yes

General Information: Wine Composition: 90% Chardonnay grapes 10% French Colombard Grape Origin: Mevo Horon vineyard Harvest Method: Mechanical, night hours Vintage Analysis: Brix 19.8 Acid [g/l] 7.2 pH 3.2 Wine Production Process: The grapes were delivered to the winery at night, after a mechanical harvest. At arriving they were immediately gently crushed to obtain the must, which was transferred to a chilled insulated stainless steel tank. The white must was chilled to 12 degrees Celsius to allow the solids to settle. The must remained for about 24 hours in the stainless steel tank, until all the solids settled and then the clean juice was transferred to another stainless steel tank. Addition of yeast to the juice started the first fermentation of the juice at a temperature of 13 degrees for two weeks, until a white dry wine was obtained. The wine was subjected to a short maturing process for about four months with new French oak. In preparation for the second fermentation, the wine was transferred to a pressure tank that can preserve the natural gas which is produced by the alcoholic fermentation, without releasing it to the atmosphere. A little grapes sugar and yeast were added to the wine befor the second fermentation and the second alcoholic fermentation process took place in the pressure tank, until the Brut wine was obtained. The Brut wine continued to mature in that tank, with its yeasts in the "sur lie" method. The Brut continue to mature on the died yeasts for about 3 months, while stirring the sediments in a battonage process. Description of the Wine: Greenish, bright and clear wine with toasted bread, yeast slight peach and soft oak wood aromas. On the pallet, the wine is crispy, soft and round. Small bubbles are rising pleasantly in the glass. Wine analysis: Sugar [g/l] 7.5 Acid [g/l] 6.9 pH 3.15 Alcohol 12.0 For Drinking from: Release to the market. Serving Suggestion: At a temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius as an aperitif before the food or strawberries and whipped cream.

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