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A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour
Product Number: [KW07578]

This multicoloured multi-storey extravaganza will bring complete joy and delight to the entire family. The vibrant and eye-catching colours will draw attention as the array of sweet treats and nutty goodies will entice. A bottle of†Joyvin Sangria with its colourful label makes it as exciting for the eyes as it is for the palate. This appetising blend of Italian wine, juice, and natural fruit flavours makes it a perfect family-friendly beverage to enjoy with the delicious selection of dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate treats. The oversized vibrant blooms add an extra touch of Yom Tov splendour to this already exquisite arrangement.

Presentation Includes:

- Bottle of†Joyvin Sangria
- Selection of Nuts, Chocolates, Dried Fruits, Chocolate Treats.

Supervision: Keddassia
Kosher For Passover: No

Kosher Wine - The Grapevine reserves the right to change the colour scheme of any arrangement if an item is not available. We reserve the right to put in something with similar or higher value into the arrangement to replace it.

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