Luxor Pure Gold Brut Magnum

Luxor Pure Gold Brut Magnum
Product Number: [KW03989]

A blend of Brut Champagne and food-grade 24-carat pure gold flakes. A very limited edition, produced in France, Luxor is exclusive. By selecting and assembling such sought-after ingredients, Luxor invents an absolute symbol. Luxor reflects the spirit of the lavish receptions at Versailles, where refinement and the magic of Gold mix with the headiness of Champagne. Luxor offers the luxury of reinventing festive occasions. Grapes: Pinot Noir 90% Chardonnay 7% Pinot Meunier 3% This blend is made exclusively from the first pressing. From pressing to bottling, as many operations as possible are carried out by gravity, without pumping. This prevents oxidation and maintains all the natural flavour of the base wines. The great Pinot Noir vineyards make up the heart of the blend, in which richness and power are preferred. This wine remains in the cellars on a lath for 2 to 3 years.

A golden hue with copper highlights. Fine, delicate nose, with the flavours of summer fruits and pÍche de vigne. In the mouth, a powerful wine with notes of dried and ripe fruit, a spicy touch and fresh finish coated with a very mellow liqueur, matured in small oak barrels. The Champagne's sparkle sets the Gold flakes dancing to delight the eye. On the palate, the high quality of our blending provides both power and freshness. The elusive flakes of 24-carat pure Gold turn this tasting into a festive and magical moment.

Producer: Luxor
Mevushal: No
Alc/Vol: 12%
Size: 1,500ml
Region: France
Varietal: Blend
Supervision: Beis Din Paris
Kosher For Passover: Yes

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